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Since 2015, we’re the only real estate company that offers bespoke property planning services to average Singaporeans.

Our unique and unrivaled bespoke planning for property owners in Singapore has received praises from our highly satisfied clients in the country.

We strongly believe that with the right knowledge about their properties, every hard-working retiree and near-retiree in Singapore can achieve financial freedom. They deserve to enjoy the right to live in the best homes they truly love and need.

It is our mission to help as many people as we can, so they can finally sleep at night without having to worry about anything anymore.

Elfi Abdullah & Heikal Shafrudin
Company Founders
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Our History

Built from trust and desire to serve.

Established in 2015, Herohomes began when our company founders met with a desire to do something different in Singapore’s real estate market.

Elfi wanted to explore new ways and find the best strategies to help spread the knowledge they have in property investments. In the US, they had video guides that actually helped consumers a lot.

Unfortunately, this new teaching method wasn’t used in this niche, as most of the people embraced the traditional approach to media and business in general. 

An undeniable lack of such content led to building an online platform to integrate Elfi’s approach, which is to educate as many Singaporeans as possible and work with retirees that subsequently becomes our mission as a real estate company.  

Our company name is derived from our very first client whom we consider an uncle, who expressed his delight after we helped him out.

While his retirement was fast approaching, he remained unable to pay for his property, which caused him distress about his overall financial situation at that time. 

It was only until he met us and sought and followed our advice that saved him a lot. With our help, he successfully sold his property at the best value. 

Today, he is finally free from loans and has been living the best retirement life. The first thing he said was he considered us his heroes. And that’s where Herohomes came into existence. 

Meet Elfi & Heikal: Your Property Heroes

Watch this video, as they walk you through Herohomes’ humble beginnings.

Herohomes’ Mission, Vision, & Values

Helping Singaporeans to achieve financial freedom

Our Mission

Among other cohorts of the population in Singapore, Herohomes exists as a real estate company to help as many retirees and near-retirees as possible.

Our deep understanding of their needs, including the accompanying property-related concerns, prevailed as one of the key points of whom to serve and help. 

It is our mission to make sure that every Singaporean will learn how to make the right financial decisions, affecting their future and their retirement income.

Part of which is living the next chapters of their lives without having to pay for loans but cherishing special moments with their loved ones instead. 

Our Vision

Among the biggest problems most Singaporeans, aged 55 years old on average, is the inability to pay for the property they’re currently living in.

Not only does the majority of this group worry about their inability to pay for their properties, but they also feel trapped for having no other option but to endure the struggle, which should not be a good solution. 

Instead, they need the right people to help them with CPF, HDB regulations, and other factors affecting their ability to make the best decisions.

It is why Herohomes exists today with a vision to spread the knowledge we acquired from working with international investors, particularly those who are property investors in the country.

Through building an online platform, we can cover a lot of these topics, providing answers to their questions and responding to their needs as our clients.

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Your trusted partner in property management.

Herohomes, with our team of professional and licensed consultants and associates of Singapore’s leading real estate company, has helped countless average Singaporeans build a new, if not, the best chapter of their lives. From frustrated housing owners to successful and financially free individuals, Herohomes have been their trusted property management partners.

If You Start Property Investing Today, You Will Earn Financial Freedom Tomorrow.

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