Bedok Estate - SOLD Prices 2023

Your Fengshan Greenville has either reached it’s 5th year MOP or you’re almost there.

I can see that your neighbours are already listing their properties (you can refer to the table below to get updates on the latest asking prices and sold ones if any)

At the time of this writing there is no transaction but I think it’s going to be a matter of time.

I’m already getting interested enquiries from private property buyers (those above 55 years old) from around Tanah Merah and first time buyers with good loan approval amounts who are looking to live near their parents in Bedok North.

Keep checking this page for the latest updates so you’ll always be in the know about latest transactions or property listings available in your area. 

What Are The Options After Selling?

I’ve been getting messages and the question on every owner’s mind is – “Is it worth it to sell? What are my options?”

While I can’t answer the question for them I can only ask them if they have any need to upgrade. Upgrading can mean a size upgrade or a lifestyle upgrade depending on the goals but for most of the sellers right now here are the top 3 reasons they are upgrading:

• Partially taking out the cash for own use or savings and using the cash profits from the sale of their current property to use it as downpayment to buy into a 3-bedder unit around Tanah Merah.

• Upgrade to a 5-room, Executive HDB flat closer to their parents. This depends on their current property type of course.

• There are couples who are able to cash out from their HDB flat and then using the cash profits to invest in a property for own stay, a 3-bedder private property and another small private property for investment.

How to Achieve the Highest Price in Bedok Estate?

I notice that the current online listings are either advertised on Propertyguru, 99.co, SRX or Edgeproperty but very rare do I see a listing advertised across these 4 portals simultaneously.

Another thing about Propertyguru, not all property listings are created equal. From our experience in Bukit Batok West Terra and Skypeak where we sold 12 listings over the past 2 months, a premium option for the advertisement is important. While the agent does have to pay for this, it is a worthy investment as the number of buyers viewing properties that are boosted is much higher than normal listings.

We also got 6 buyers that came from our Instagram with over 11,300 followers and Facebook page with over 19,000 followers.

Additionally the best buyers came from using Facebook and Instagram’s geotargeting feature. This can be done on Facebook Ads Manager and something we offer to our clients as part of the selling package.

Don’t forget about your marketing strategy too. Pricing strategically is important to attract the right buyers.


You need to bookmark this page as we continously update it with the latest property listings and transactions if any. Before you start your selling journey it’s important for you to plan it out first before making a commitment since property decisions are life changing and has a direct impact on how well your retire at age 55.

If you have questions feel free to send me a whatsapp or fill in the contact form and I’ll reach out to you directly within 12 hours. 

Thanks for reading.