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Wait! Can You Retire with an Older, Bigger HDB Flat?

I’m sure you are well aware of what happens to your HDB flat at the end of 99 years.

Unfortunately the only ‘bigger properties’ that will make sense for you to upgrade into are the older flats.

But the problem is not that the property goes back to the government, but rather what happens to your HDB flat when you decide to sell 20 years later?

How do you balance between the need to buy into an older HDB flat and your retirement?

It’s not impossible but takes serious expert planning.


Do All Old HDB Flat Prices Fall After the 40th Year?

Some older HDB flats do retain their prices after the 40th year. It’s about choosing the right unit when you upgrade.


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HDB’s Younger than 40 Years Old Can Lose Money

So does that mean buying younger HDB flats mean you will not lose money? That cannot be further from the truth. 

In the above example, Blk 436D Fernvale which is the nearest residential property nearest to The Seletar Mall lost more than $100,000 over 7 years.

The property is not more than 10 years old! Why did it lose money?


Upgrade to the Right HDB Flat Today

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Could You Depend on Your HDB Flat for Retirement?

Choosing the right HDB flat to upgrade to is just ONE of the ways to minimize your impact of upgrading to a HDB flat that may or may not help you retire.

There are many other ways of making sure that you will not be upgrading blindly like most HDB upgraders in Singapore.


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