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We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Most of the time you don’t even have to sit through a consultation if you don’t want to. 

If you have simple, short questions can simply chat with us on Whatsapp

We have a “Take-Your-Time” policy.

There is absolutely nothing to sign before or after meeting us.

In fact after the meeting we’ll take our leave and you can take your time in making a decision.

In fact more than 50% of the HDB or Condo upgraders we meet only contact us 3-4 months later.

We offer both a face to face and Zoom™ consultation whichever is convenient for you.

The added advantage of a Zoom meeting is the recordings that you can use as reference, whether or not you engage our services.

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"Friendly...Detailed...Open Communication"

"...Elfi is very friendly, easygoing, knowledgable...and not pushy, provided logical and sound explanation...went through in great detail of our next property opportunities based on our financial status, future planning and the needs of our family... recommend HH to anybody who is looking for a real estate agent/team whom they can trust and have an open communication."


"...we were informed of each step / process that will take place...gave us a very detailed breakdown of the finances i.e. profit / loss...and if we can / cannot upgrade to a bigger unit. This really sets our expectations to be more on a realistic level. ...very quick to answer any enq that we have. Things are communicated very clearly, with clear transparency.""


"...Elfi made the process simple and easy for us to understand and we appreciated his patience and expertise. His insight was extremely valuable to us... Thank you once again for going the extra mile for us on every step of our home journey! We would highly recommend them..."
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"From the 1st zoom session till completion of selling the flat, not once did Elfi mentioned about signing an exclusive or contract with them... Bcoz of honesty, sincerity, confidence and Allah's will that we continued to seek their assistance and advise... Team members were efficient, effective and went out of their way to assist us. They are always with us each step of the way...

"Good Follow-up...Record Selling"

"...He has been very informative and helpful, even following up with us months after as promised because we aimed to move out only after school ends this year...our unit was sold after just one view at a price higher than our neighbours!"


"Elfi and team made our property sale and rental journey smooth and stress-free...From regular zoom meetings and check-ins via WhatsApp, we were always updated on what's to come. Elfi shared all our available options and was very patient in answering all our queries. Also a big shout out to the rest of the team Marz, Norida and Djerell for the great teamwork and service.

Successful HDB or Condo Upgrading Process

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Benefits of Planning Your Upgrading with Herohomes

Not deciding to upgrade is also a decision. That's why we encourage you to find out more about your choices first.

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