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Step 1: Conduct financial due diligence to ensure you can afford a new home.

Step 2: Begin planning the selling of your HDB flat.

Note: Although this process may appear reversed, it ensures you are financially ready before beginning the irreversible process of selling your home.

2023-2024: Watershed moment for the private property market due to an oversupply of new condos.

Beyond 2024: Expect prices to rise due to a low supply of private properties from 2025-2027.

Ensure a stable source of income. Plan defensively to cover potential income loss; your upgrading plan should secure your house even if a spouse loses their income.

Use the principle of leverage; your profits are based on the total value of the property, not just your initial deposit. Investing in a stable market like Singapore’s property market can be a safer choice than more volatile markets like stocks.

Yes, but owning an HDB flat and buying a private property incurs a heavy Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD). One method to own two properties is to sell an HDB flat and have each spouse own one property.

Consider the “Quality, Exit Strategy, Pricing” model when choosing a property.

“Quality” refers to the build and design of the property, “Exit Strategy” refers to your plan for selling the property in the future, and “Pricing” refers to the cost of the property and if it fits within your budget.

The main change will be access to amenities like a gym, pool, BBQ pits, and basement parking.

This will differ for each family. Some may prefer pool-facing units, while others may prioritize proximity to transport nodes. Neither of these factors guarantees huge profits, so it’s important to balance these qualities with the right entry price.

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Most of the time you don’t even have to sit through a consultation if you don’t want to. 

If you have simple, short questions can simply chat with us on Whatsapp

We have a “Take-Your-Time” policy.

There is absolutely nothing to sign before or after meeting us.

In fact after the meeting we’ll take our leave and you can take your time in making a decision.

In fact more than 50% of the HDB or Condo upgraders we meet only contact us 3-4 months later.

We offer both a face to face and Zoom™ consultation whichever is convenient for you.

The added advantage of a Zoom meeting is the recordings that you can use as reference, whether or not you engage our services.

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"Heikal and Ashraff were incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market… took the time to understand my needs and preferences… What really stood out..was their professionalism and dedication to customer service. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from HeroHomes"
"Heikal from HeroHomes is an exceptional housing agent. Throughout our journey together, Heikal provided outstanding service and support. One of the things that stood out to me was the level of professionalism and accuracy in the budget calculations. Heikal utilized Excel to create detailed budget calculations which allowed us to tweak our finances instantly at any time, with his help of course. This was a major advantage as it allowed us to make informed decisions without any delay."
"Very professional company, excellent to work with and prompt with responses. We had quite a complex situation as my mother was overseas for a majority of the time during the buy/sell period, but they Heikal was adaptable to our personal needs and challenges and helped make the buying and selling process far less stressful. He did not push us to compromise on our own goals or wants, only provided advice as asked or needed. "
"Buying a house during/post COVID-pandemic period would have been a frustrating experience without the help of Heikal, Norida and DJ. Eventually secured a unit below market rate on a "PRIME LAND" without having to top-up for the dreaded COV. In fact, the thought of COV actually made me stopped looking to buy for about a year. There was no pushy sales from them, and for that I am glad. The team provided detailed calculations and ensured all admin work was prepared in advance. Even when there is a typo to my name (not by them) on the
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"I am grateful to have met both Heiqal and Asyraaf when we are searching out our house. Both of them have been very patient with us since day 1.We were so happy to have finally found our home sweet home. Not left for Norida who has time with me and would love to help submit our documents details. Thanks for the help!"
"We would like to express our gratitude to Herohomes team: Heikal, Asyraaf, Norida and DJ for the exceptional service provided during our property sale and purchase. From the initial consultation to the final closing, the team was professional, efficient, and friendly. They ensure that the process was smooth and stress-free for us! Their expertise in the industry was evident, and their guidance throughout the negotiation and transaction process was invaluable."
""Massive thanks and thumbs up to Heikal and Herohomes team for a smooth sailing home journey. Heikal provided good advice and was patient with our endless queries. Everything was done in quick succession and the deal was closed fast. No regrets dropping our BTO application. We found a perfect unit with ZERO COV and the best part is, it’s just a stone’s throw away from our parents. Win! We would highly recommend Heikal and Herohomes team. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! ❤️"
"Heikal,we will like to really thank you for assisting us frm the selling of our first home and to the buying of our next home. It was a challenging and interesting journey, nerve wrecking some days ! Appreciate the little bits of knowledge we picked up along the way too! Looking forward to a new beginning now! Once again, thank you again to you and your team not forgetting Salwa and Norida! May Herohomes SG continue to prosper and educate the mass wrt to buying and selling of property!"

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