Preparing for photo taking?

We’ll show you multiple examples of houses poorly prepared for marketing.

Also good examples are prepared in the second half of this page.


Seller on the left should consider repainting the walls. Similar property which has been repainted is shown on the right. Buyers will have a better and pleasant experience seeing a house newly repainted. Even if its just the living areas only which are repainted. 


Tried and tested method to help fasten the sales process and also push for a higher price. 

Seller did not declutter, no effort to prepare the house for marketing. Bags not removed for photos, kitchen not prepared.

House is neat, but not ideal for sales. 

– can remove items in display cabinet (declutter)

– can remove fan for photo taking, can remove flag at window

-can clear out kitchen counter top and floor mat to make kitchen more inviting 

Festivity Decorations should be removed. Fan should be removed for photo. Living room space not well represented in this photo

As much as possible, consider removing religious decorations too ***

kitchen unprepared at all, better not to show kitchen in this state as it would present the house in an unkempt state. buyers will feel seller has not taken good care of house. bedroom not prepared for photo taking.

bedrooms must be repainted, ‘white marks’ are due to wall condensation from aircon (room not well ventilated). repainting white is important. otherwise some buyers will be turned off. 

some buyers are picky and would want to buy a house from a seller who has taken good care of  the property. 

house is in a good condition, just an extra touch to declutter and prep the house better for sales would be better! better photos would also do this house justice.

Balcony is under appreciated in these photos. 

carpet makes this spacious property feel small. curtains should be completely open for more windows to be visible.

fan should be removed. 

items in kitchen display cabinet should be removed. 

small touches, in an otherwise super neat and clean house!

kitchen is empty and clean – GOOD!

Yard has all the clothes hanging – BAD!

house is clean and neat, but potential of the house is not shown at all, photos can be alot better to show the space of this property. 


kitchen can be better prepared, rubbish bin cleared, counter top cleared. 

house is clean and super neat, beter for wallpaper to be removed and black ceiling to be repainted.


Photo angle helps alot. Compare the carpet in the first and second image.

We must always get the best angles to show the property off online. Curtains always to the side to help brighten the property.


(sold in 3 wks)

This is a small 4s property, clean and decluttered, ideal for viewings. Simple renovations decorations are not ‘overdone’.

Striking colours in furnitures helps, and it is just enough to not be seen as too colourful


Kitchen countertop is not completely empty but appliances are left behind to as an accessory.


Sold in 1 day

Living room carpet is perfectly sized for a cozy effect. Carpet is a solid colour, with minimal designs. usually if its a persion rug, we will advise to remove as it will make the living/sofa area feel cluttered. 


Black walls are generally not preferred, unless it is a featurewall similar to this seller. (sold in 1 week)

Kitchen countertop has been cleared and is very presentable! Please follow this type of countertop, remove all soap bottles for photo taking. 


Floor mat should be removed as well.


Seller has prepared the house for sales, alot of effort put in for a calming feel when buyers come for viewing. 


might be better if we can see the windows (curtains to the side), otherwise buyers might wonder if the house is facing a dumpster or too close to opposite block. .


Wallpaper best to be removed and repainted white. 

Kitchen is in perfect condition, living room has been staged and prepared for photo taking as well.

Can consider removing religious photo frames ***

Nice photos of the house to show the size of the living room, furnitures are not oversized, all mess has been removed for photo taking

Kitchen is in good condition, bedrooms has been cleared for photos and viewing! GOOD

Sold in 1 day. – near perfect setting, curtains open, alot of natural light, furnitures and walls match. 


Would have been better if wallpaper has been removed again. 

What’s there not to like for this kitchen countertop? appliances neatly arranged, yard has been cleared (except that few hangars…) GOOD