How to Upgrade to a Condo Safely & Plan Your Property “End Game”

Covid19 continues to devastate the economies of the world. The smart property upgrader needs to see the opportunities in this market and seize them before the world recovers from this pandemic.


Saturday, 29 July 2020, 2.00pm

Join Elfi & Heikal of Herohomes™ to learn:


  • How to Upgrade to a Condo without affecting your cashflow
  • How to prepare and plan to retire with a $3000 monthly income from a good property
  • The best way to multiply your selling profits: Resale HDB, Condo, EC or New Launch?
  • Which Condos Should You Avoid when Upgrading & Why

Elfi Bin Abdullah (SAMP)™

Elfi has 9 years of real estate experience dealing with investors from 2011-2014 and with homeowner-investor profiles from 2015 to date. He is a Singapore Accredited Mortgage Practitioner™ with deep understanding on how to use properties as investment tools.

Heikal Shafrudin

Heikal is the co-founder of Herohomes and it’s main spokesman. His video guides discuss alternative views on real estate ownership in Singapore. His first love is real estate and wants to share his findings with everyone who wants to learn more.

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