Why Bother With Bigger Older Flats?


People always tell you not to buy older flats.

Why? Older flats are cheaper due to the limited number of years left on their lease, so it’s not exactly straight forward, we have to analyse so many details before making the decision. 

So what happens if you upgrade to an 30 yrs Executive Maisonette today? Will you be able to retire comfortably? Yes – only if you plan your purchase the right way.

You are afraid you might end up with an old flat which would be a challenge to sell in 20 years time. 

The thing is, even though the diminishing value  of older flats would be a deterrent for many, there are still buyers out there who will only want older flats.

All is not lost if you upgrade to bigger older flats today. You need space for your growing family. You want your parents to be with you and you want every one to be comfortable.

Let Herohomes plan your last upgrade.

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Why Bother With Bigger Older Flats?

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