Upgrade Your HDB Flat to a Condo in 2022

Feeling stuck in your 5-room HDB flat?

You’ve probably been dreaming to move on from your family flat into a close-knit condo community, but you could not afford to buy out of the flat. 

You want to move family but you dread the thought of being cash-strapped. You’re worried about paying for the down-payment and legal fees and forking out monthly condo fees. You’d rather want to pay a little less if you can. 

As much as you want to upgrade your 5-Room HDB flat to a condo, you’re also feeling frustrated because it’s not going to happen without any cash top-up. So, you usually end up consoling yourself with enjoying your time in the company of your family and friends.

All your friends are gushing about their condos and are encouraging you to do the same. Well, little did they know that you have been wanting this for a long time.

Am I speaking to somebody here? Does this sound like you?

How to Upgrade Your HDB Flat to A Condo? Watch This Video!

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