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What goes on in the compounds of a "WORLD BUILDING OF THE YEAR?" Check out our 3 bed with a mega balcony that comes with an expanse of unblocked, unadulterated views that goes on for miles! Currently for sale, contact our sales team at to view today!

Home buyers start their home search online using their phones. That’s why you have to grab their undivided attention using entertaining video tours and are advertised specifically to your ideal home buyer.

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With over 150 videos produced to enhance property marketing for home sellers since 2016, we know that video marketing is a “MUST HAVE” strategy for any home that is selling today.

It attracts more interested buyers to view our client’s properties, which leads to a faster sale. With higher exposure on the right channels, our clients consistently achieve better prices than their neighbours.

Videos are the modern day “marketing flyers” but simply producing it is pointless if they are not distributed on the correct channels.

Through Advanced & Targeted Social Media advertising, we can reach out to specific homebuyers by age, area, interest and even by gender if we want to. Two properties in the same area might appeal to two very different set of buyers, we ensure we match the right property to the right set of buyers.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising of Property Using Advanced Features

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Few real estate agents have the technical skills to use advanced advertising features on Facebook and Instagram to ensure your property is being seen by buyers who are most likely to be interested and eventually buy your property.

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When was the last time you logged in to your social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, etc.) ? We won’t be surprised if it’s less than 2-3 hours ago.

This is what we are good at - showing your property for sale straight to the buyers where ever they may be on their phones.

Grabbing a buyer’s attention on their phones are getting more difficult. That’s why you need to capture their attention using videos and targeted and behavioural marketing.

With a full-time professional videographer & sales team, we are able to undertake a higher volume of property sales without compromising on quality.


Advertising on Youtube

We ensure all bases are covered, and that includes the world’s largest depository of videos. This makes it easy for buyers to return and view our seller’s property videos.

We are also believers of information sharing, years of knowledge have been compressed into 5 / 10 minutes videos to help home owners strategise their next move.


Advertising on Established High Traffic Property Portals

Before 2016, online marketing was cheap. Now in 2019 it no longer is, over the past 3 years, our biggest marketing cost definitely has been the subscription fees to online property listing portals.

We ensure that ALL our properties on sale appear on PAGE 1 of the biggest property portals in Singapore. If it’s not on PAGE 1 of listing portals, chances are, your property will not sell.

The willingness of your marketing agent to ensure your property is on PAGE 1 24/7 will determine how fast you get to sell your property.

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Proven Winning Combination To Sell Your Property Faster at Better Prices

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That’s right, you need to ensure that your property is getting the most exposure to home buyers who are in the market today.

Contact us through Phone/Whatsapp or call +65 92709040, let us know how to contact you below.

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