Upgrade to a
Home You Deserve

Experience a worry-free upgrading journey

Upgrade to a
Home You Deserve

Experience a worry-free upgrading journey

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For over 10 years, we’ve seen 400+ average-income Singaporean upgraders


after they mastered our unique & holistic approach to property investment planning, & the results are unbelievable.

-About Herohomes SG

Singapore’s Top Choice for Home Upgraders
Singapore Accredited Mortgage Practitioners™

We’re the only real estate and property investment company in the country that offers bespoke and detailed property planning and management services for all average Singaporeans.

From HDB to Private Property Ownership, Retirement, and Housing, our consultants are certified professionals licensed to provide you with the best property advice during upgrading, marketing, and selling your HDB flat for the value it deserves.


We are certified real estate  associates with Singapore’s leading real estate company

We are certified professionals and bonafide real estate associates registered with PropNext Realty Pte Ltd. (Agency Licence No.: L3008022J).

We offer you a customised & detailed property investment plan that fits your needs

We make sure you are fully  informed of the process and provide you with a detailed calculation of your property values and estimates.

We assist you in choosing  the best property with a high ROI

We help you with choosing the best property to upgrade and sell with guaranteed high returns.

We ensure your stress-free property
investing journey

You don’t have to worry about hurting your CPF funds to finance your property upgrades. So, when you finally sell the old unit, you get the right value stress-free and worth it to invest in your dream home.

Herohomes SG is recognized by the country’s leading companies, such as:

Our Areas of Practice

Choosing Herohomes SG can guarantee you a personalized and detailed plan that fits you and your retirement goal. We believe that every Singaporean deserves the best retirement life and enjoys the results of hard work.

Discover how you can upgrade your good, old-fashioned HDB flat to qualify for HDB Resale without so much hassle.

If you want to move from an old HDB unit to a new private property regardless of your goals and budget, Herohomes will help you take the first step to achieve your goals.

Backed with a strong presence in the Private Resale Market and having transacted over a quarter billion in sales for over 10 years, our senior consultant can provide you with the best advice, especially for Condo upgraders.

Earn passive retirement income!
Start planning your dream retirement as early as now while earning passive income through smart property investments.

Find out what you’re missing out on Singapore’s latest news, insights, and predictions encircling around the country’s real estate market.

Our team comprises professionals and specialists in their fields, who are also licensed property agents recognized by Singapore’s top real estate company.