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Personalized Planning:

Custom-fit Relocation. Tailored solutions crafted to fit your unique relocation needs and preferences, ensuring a move that feels just right for you

Seamless Search:

Effortless Home Hunt. Expertly matched listings and insightful guidance streamline your search for the ideal Singapore home

Guided Transition:

Smooth Settling-In. Comprehensive support from home finding to community integration for a confident start in Singapore

Ongoing Advocacy:

Continued Care. Post-move assistance and advocacy to nurture your comfort and happiness in your new Singaporean lifestyle

Welcome to HeroHomes, Where Your Journey is Our Priority

Forget packing woes and cardboard castles. HeroHomes crafts personalized relocation journeys for you and your family. Our team of local experts, wielding their 'Singapore savvy,' transforms the relocation process into a smooth Singapore touchdown. With heartfelt support and insider knowledge, we'll help you navigate the property market, ensuring your Singapore dream becomes reality.

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Unpacking the Latest Market Trends & Essential Guides for Tenants

Coming your way June 2024

Thriving as an Expat Spouse in Singapore: Kana-san's Journey of Resilience and Joy

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Kana-san, a first-time expat spouse in Singapore. With refreshing honesty and warmth, Kana-san shares her personal journey of overcoming the challenges of being a "trailing spouse" to find fulfillment and build a cherished life in her new home.
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Rental Market Update Q1 2024

The market has shifted in 2024. Tide has turned to tenant's favour, but where can you find the best deals in Singapore today? Check out our latest quarterly update meant for mobile employees exploring Singapore in 2024!
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Rental Market Update Q4 2024

Our team delves into the market forces that impacts the rental affordability in Singapore. Learn how the short-term trends will impact your stay in Singapore and what to expect from the residential leasing market long-term.​
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We provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the tenancy agreement document in Singapore, covering all crucial clauses and emphasizing the importance of thoroughly reviewing each section to protect your rights and investments as a tenant.
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Heikal provides an insightful tour of Singapore's diverse housing options tailored to suit different lifestyles and budgets for expats relocating to the city-state.
Navigating Singapore's vibrant international school landscape can be daunting - understanding the admissions criteria, processes, and immersing in a school's environment are crucial first steps. With its top-ranked education system and diverse options, Singapore offers ample opportunities to find the perfect fit for your child's needs and aspirations.
New supply hits the rental market, forcing an inevitable correction after 3-year spikes. Expectations and approaches are changing across tenants, landlords and policymakers to establish a balanced long-term rental landscape.
All-in-one Relocation Platform

Stress-Free & Secure Move-Management App

Worried about juggling emails, documents, and security concerns during your relocation?

HeroHomes gives you peace of mind with our secure, all-in-one relocation platform.

Powered by RelocationOnline, Herohomes offers top-tier security measures. We dedicate significant resources to building secure technology solutions and safeguarding your data & privacy.

With Herohomes, you have all your relocation essentials – from property listings to communication with your realtor – accessible in one convenient place.

This translates to a stress-free move to Singapore, with all your data protected by industry-leading security.

Beyond 'Just Winging It': Feedback-Fueled Expertise & Innovative Relocation Strategies

At HeroHomes, we believe in going beyond simply finding you a place to live.  We’re dedicated to elevating your entire relocation journey with a focus on seamless navigation.

Our commitment to operational excellence is driven by our team’s dedication to continuous improvement. We meticulously update and refine internal procedures and checklists, ensuring they align with the latest market trends and valuable feedback from clients like you. This proactive approach allows us to navigate Singapore’s dynamic real estate landscape with agility, providing you with a relocation experience that is smooth, personalized, and worry-free.

Singapore’s real estate market is constantly evolving, demanding a relocation partner who stays ahead of the curve. That’s why we invest heavily in structured training programs for our consultants. These programs go beyond regulatory compliance, equipping them with cutting-edge market knowledge and innovative strategies.

As a result, our consultants are empowered to provide you with informed advice and creative solutions, ensuring a smooth transition into your new Singapore home.  With HeroHomes, you can rest assured – you’re in the hands of passionate professionals who are as dedicated to your satisfaction as they are to their expertise.

At HeroHomes, we believe in ditching the communication black box. From the moment you begin your housing search to long after you’ve unpacked the last box, we’re your one-stop shop for relocation guidance. 

Got a question about the perfect neighborhood for your family?  Hit us up!  Need help navigating the local school system?  Consider it done!  Our open communication policy ensures you’re never left feeling lost in translation.  Our relocation experts are just a call or message away, ready to be your personal Singapore superheroes.

At HeroHomes, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and your feedback is at the heart of this philosophy. During and after your relocation, we actively seek your unfiltered feedback (good, bad, and the hilarious anecdotes).

Your valuable input allows us to refine our services and ensure they continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. We listen, analyze, and most importantly, act on your feedback,  demonstrating our unwavering commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Singapore Awaits.
Skip the Relocation Drama: We've Got You Covered.

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