Why Are Agents Advertising Properties That Don’t Exist on Propertyguru?


Why are some properties “unavailable” on Propertyguru?

I’m sure you are excited for the next step in your dream home journey. One of the best ways to source out for your next property is through Propertyguru.com.

However when you share the link with for us to enquire for a viewing, the property is “Sold” or “Unavailable” or “Optioned”.

It is frustrating but understanding why this happens is crucial to keep your expectation in check.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why the property is unavailable and what you can do about it.

Property is sold but agent forgot to bring the listing down.

This is the most common reason why some properties are still advertised. The agent simply forgot to bring the advertisement down from the portal after it is sold.

Agent is trying to get a buyer that pays them commission

Sometimes agents advertise properties of their colleagues. That’s why you see 3 or more of the same properties being advertised on Propertyguru.

The other 2 agents are most likely not in contact with the seller. They simply want a commission for helping you buy the property.

The problem is the agents are not acting in your best interests as they are colleagues and probably good friends with the agents representing the sellers. It is impossible for them to get you the best price and terms when negotiating.

Property didn’t exist in the first place.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You think that you’ve hit the jackpot.

The property is well renovated and the price is great! Lucky you!

However once you enquire the property agent will now have your contact number and knows that you are actually trying to sell your property.

This way they immediately know that you are selling a property and they can help you sell. Easy peasy.

Oh what about your enquiry for the property that you called in for?

They will come up with these 2 common excuses like:
1) Property was just sold today.
2) Owner is “out of town.”

This is an unethical sales technique which needs to be clamped down but unfortunately very common.

So how do you find your dream home without frustration?

Share the links of the properties that you like us to arrange for you.

We’ll first check if the property is overpriced or if there is a chance for you to pay ‘Cash-Over-Valuation’ so you won’t be surprised later on.

We’ll share a few links from other sites or unadvertised properties (if any) that are similar to your requirements.


Sourcing for a home is quite a stressful experience especially if you don’t manage your expectations.

It can be frustrating to be knowing that most of the properties that you enquire about are not available in the first place.

We’ll partner up with you to source out for your next dream home.

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