The #1 Thing to Look Out for in a New Launch

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When looking out to invest in condos, the old adage states you should seek out :

(1) Freehold Properties and
(2) Near MRT Properties.

Today, everyone is aware of Tip No.1 and Tip No. 2. Unfortunately, even our grand-parents today would be able to give the same advice. Knowing these two tips would no longer be enough.

I’ll share with you some tips that has given our clients the edge when seeking out New Launches today.

Why buy #20 floor if all you see are your neighbours windows?




Why buy #20 floor if all you see are your neighbours windows?

  • Consider Mid Floor Units OnlyLets face it, many New Launch Condos today have layouts which have two blocks facing each other.
    If you purchase units on the #07 Floor or above, you might end up seeing nothing but your neighbour’s windows in the opposite block.
    Purchasing on the #03-05 Floors, gives you a good view of the condo facilities, swimming pool, gardens, etc.

    If you do go for higher floor units, ensure that it gives you higher privacy (with no neighbours looking in) as well as views that go unobstructed as far as possible. Otherwise the premium you are paying for would be wasted on lesser than average views.

  • West Sun
    Yup – its a real negative. Especially in Singapore. As much as possible, avoid. Otherwise, be prepared to have black out curtains and higher air-conditioning bills.
  • Undesired FacilitiesIt goes without saying that buying properties near Bin Centres, Substations, Generators wouldn’t be so advisable especially when you’re buying for your own stay. Even for investments, it might mean it’ll take longer to sell in future.

    Today, being too close to the BBQ Pit or Sports Facilities (Tennis/Basketball etc) would have major drawbacks too.

    If your neighbours end up using the facilities frequently, you’ll end up hearing bouncing balls every single night (like our neighbours in Austville) or having to hear loud teenage BBQ Parties frequently.

    Just being an earshot of these “features” is enough to be a nuisance sometimes.


  • Desired Facilities
    Years ago, buyers would shun being too close to the development entrance/gates.

    You wouldn’t want your nosy neighbours to pass by your block so often.

    Today, convenience is king.

    Buying a unit beside the Side Gate? That’s the Tenant’s first choice unit. Especially if it cuts the walk to the MRT by 300m.
    Buying a unit just beside the pool? God-sent for parents with young children.

  • Layouts & Wasted Space
    Now how many times have you found yourself diving into the floor plan of the unit you are interested in? What about taking some time to understand your lobby layout?
    Before collecting the keys to their new purchase, most buyers don’t really know how many neighbours they share the floor with. We can’t control who we stay with, but we sure can choose how many neighbours you want to share your lobby with.

    Take some time to explore your alternative options in less crowded blocks.

Find out how many neighbours you are sharing your immediate lobby with. Is it too close for your comfort?




Find out how many neighbours you are sharing your immediate lobby with. Is it too close for your comfort?

If you like to store things outside your home, what happens if all 8 of the other neighbours like to do the same? It’s going to be an adventure just to reach the corner unit 🙂

It’s also important to know if you are sharing your lift lobby with 1-bedroom (usually tenanted) or 2-bedroom or 4-bedroom (expect big families with many shoes outside the door) layout.

I’ve served a client who nearly signed off a 6-mil Seaside Residences (Siglap) Penthouse unit, but he pulled out after finding out he’s sharing his lift lobby with a 2-bedroom apartment.

Know what matters to you, and make sure you do your own due diligence.

  • Additional Foyers 🙂
    If you check on the same floor site plan, you’ll be able to tell if you have any additional “foyer” space to place your shoe racks FOC outside your home.
    What do I mean?
    Check these out.

usable space.JPG

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