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We believe in providing a hassle-free, transparent, and personalized property upgrading process that's designed exclusively for HDB homeowners in Singapore. Whether you're looking to upgrade from an HDB resale or BTO flat in Singapore to another HDB or a condo, we're here to guide, educate, and support you every step of the way.

Services Overview

Our suite of services are tailored to meet your unique needs and circumstances. With a keen understanding of the Singapore HDB resale market, we offer:

Guided HDB Upgrades

Seamlessly navigate the journey from "HDB to another HDB" or "HDB to condo" upgrade in Singapore with our expert guidance.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Stay informed with our in-depth analysis of market trends (updated every Quarter), ensuring you make the most profitable decisions.

Educational Content

Empower yourself with knowledge through our educational resources, helping you understand the nitty-gritties of the HDB MOP to resale flat process.

What sets us apart is the genuine, hands-on experience that underpins our commitment to your property success. Heikal doesn’t just offer advice; he actively employs the strategies he recommends in his own property ventures.

With personal insights from navigating the ups and downs of the market — from acquiring new launches like Riverfront Residences, to making property flips at The Sail @ Marina Bay, and transitioning between condos from Belysa to Santorini — he deeply understands the fears and uncertainties you may have. Because he’s lived it. Heikal isn’t just a realtor; he’s a realtor who has been on the very journey of wealth accumulation you’re looking to embark on.

And the results speak for themselves: 70% of his clients today seek his expertise to transition from BTO to a condo, and since 2020, Heikal has individually transacted over 300 properties. (Yes, you can ask for proof!) These aren’t just numbers; they’re milestones of trust and success we’re eager to replicate with you.

Market Problems in 2024

We understand that upgrading your HDB comes with its own set of questions and concerns that cause you to hesitate.


High home prices, high renovation costs, high interest rates and high inflation—are real concerns. Yet, these problems have been around for decades. The real question remains: with property values at a peak in 2024, who will be able to afford them when it's your turn to sell?


"Let's wait for condo prices to drop!" may seem prudent. However, we'll provide you with insightful analyses to understand where we stand in the property cycle. (Heikal just bought a new property in 2023 despite high prices.) Perfect timing in the market is a myth; finding the right property is what truly matters.

Complexity of the Process

We work with clients who are all hardworking professionals, elites in their own industries. We respect time a precious commodity. We want our clients to focus on life's important milestones, both at home and at work. That's why our clients entrust us with their home planning and search processes.

Fear not! 90% of Heikal's client profiles are HDB upgraders — just like yourself.

Our services are specifically designed to settle your fears, making your property upgrade a smooth and worry-free experience.

Solutions & Expertise

Our solutions and expertise are best demonstrated through our comprehensive video guides and latest write-ups. We'll guide you through your upgrade process, breaking it down into manageable steps, and tackling common concerns with practical solutions. With a conversational yet professional tone, we share our knowledge and experience in the field. We believe in making complex things simple, and that's exactly what you'll find in our informative and friendly videos and content.

Credentials & Testimonials

With years of experience under our belt, we've helped numerous HDB homeowners successfully upgrade to private properties. But don't just take our word for it. Read through our testimonials to hear about our clients' positive experiences. Some of our most touching memories include clients who, all their lives, believed their financial 'ceiling' was a HDB executive maisonette. Their amazement upon discovering that their finances could easily allow them an upgrade to a private property is what fuels our passion. We're not just about upgrading properties, we're about helping Singaporeans secure a better retirement for themselves through strategic wealth creation in property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Conduct financial due diligence to ensure you can afford a new home.

Step 2: Begin planning the selling of your HDB flat.

Note: Although this process may appear reversed, it ensures you are financially ready before beginning the irreversible process of selling your home.

2023-2024: Watershed moment for the private property market due to an oversupply of new condos.

Beyond 2024: Expect prices to rise due to a low supply of private properties from 2025-2027.

Ensure a stable source of income. Plan defensively to cover potential income loss; your upgrading plan should secure your house even if a spouse loses their income.

Use the principle of leverage; your profits are based on the total value of the property, not just your initial deposit. Investing in a stable market like Singapore’s property market can be a safer choice than more volatile markets like stocks.

Yes, but owning an HDB flat and buying a private property incurs a heavy Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD). One method to own two properties is to sell an HDB flat and have each spouse own one property.

Consider the “Quality, Exit Strategy, Pricing” model when choosing a property.

“Quality” refers to the build and design of the property, “Exit Strategy” refers to your plan for selling the property in the future, and “Pricing” refers to the cost of the property and if it fits within your budget.

Use the “Quality, Exit Strategy, Pricing” model again. The location is important, but you should also consider the quality of the property and the price to ensure a balanced decision.

The main change will be access to amenities like a gym, pool, BBQ pits, and basement parking.

This will differ for each family. Some may prefer pool-facing units, while others may prioritize proximity to transport nodes. Neither of these factors guarantees huge profits, so it’s important to balance these qualities with the right entry price.

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