Learn who we are and how we are built for the now.

About HeroHomes

What Does HeroHomes™ Do?

There are so many types of properties to choose from in Singapore. Choosing the wrong property can be damaging financially and emotionally.

We help you, whether you are a local or a foreign property buyer navigate the property jungle to find a property that meets your property goals.

From price appreciation to having a home that is near your kid’s school, we’ll help you make the best decision.

We also produce free content to help and inspire people to make the most use of their property assets.

Who is Elfi & Heikal?

In 2009 both Elfi & Heikal started dealing with investment grade real estate in the Central Business District in Singapore.

In 2015, they expanded their market to serve local property owners keen in making logical long term upgrading to private properties.

Avid learners and strong believers of life long learning, they continue to research the best property strategies in an evolving world.

How Do I Learn More About What You Do?

Since 2015, we have created articles, videos, and interviews to provide how-to advice and ideas for free.

You can search for the term ‘HDBHero’ or ‘Herohomes.sg’ and you’ll find all our content.


Can I Ask a Specific Question?

You can ask us property related questions on the following channels:
Whatsapp: +65 8186-3356
Email: admin@herohomes.sg

Working with HeroHomes

Who Do You Work With?

We work with
1) Eligible Private Property or Eligible HDB Upgraders who want to have a balance of having a property that they’ll love but at the same time make the most of their money and use property as an investment or passive income in Singapore and overseas.

2) Developers who want to reach to a niche market in South East Asia.

The best way to find out if we are a good fit for each other is to start saying “Hi” to us and we’ll take it from there!

How Much Does It Cost to Work With You?

As with any custom service requiring proper diagnosis, it is impossible to predict what your service will cost without proper diagnosis.

Our service includes 2 elements:

Creating a complete plan of action, so that every detail is taken into account.
Executing that plan for quick results, while avoiding the mistakes often made when “DIY-ing”.

Talk to us to find out to work out your requirements.

How Does Your Process Work?

If we both decide to work together we will prepare for a diagnostic process to understand all areas of your plan.

We will discuss what you have, where you’re going, what you want, and what you don’t want.

During the process of creating your plan, we will follow-up with you to verify every detail and seek your feedback.

A key focus of ours is giving you multiple options before you execute your plans.

We will work to eliminate all but the best options so you are left with the single plan that serves all aspects of your situation.

Why Should I Work with Herohomes instead of DIY or Another Agent?

Our focus is holistic; we don’t just handle your property selling, but we create a complete picture that coordinates your entire property plan so that every piece of the puzzle fits together.

 We have spent years honing our knowledge based on real personal experience, not theory, so we know what works and doesn’t work in the real world. That practical knowledge will save you time and money.

Are You Just a Consultant, or Can You Help Me Implement?

We help people implement complete plans every day – from registering your sales, to obtaining, to filing legal paperwork.

Our approach is simple: Ready. Aim. Fire.

Many people selling their properties or who are upgrading to a better property skip the “aim” part and end up wasting time and money because they failed to plan.

We believe in planning first, implementing second.

Once we have created your complete plan, we can help you implement it by acting as a project manager that coordinates between the numerous lawyers, accountants, and other professionals you will need.

Because we are investors ourselves, we understand that the best use of your time is focusing on your life… not waiting in lines or busy cleaning up DIY mistakes.

Our team offers a bespoke service that handles everything from scheduling appointments to filling out paperwork.

Can I Trust Your Advice?

We are licensed professionals and have spent years creating a network of trusted lawyers, developer contacts, and other professionals that actually get the job done.

General Questions

Can I Become a Property Consultant with Herohomes?

You can check the availability of all positions on our careers page to find out more

Can I Advertise With You?

We are open to collaborations with reputable companies whose mission relates to ours. If that’s you, please contact us!

What is Your Refund Policy?

You only pay when the transaction is completed. There is no payment required upfront.