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Property Buyer and Seller FAQs

Established in 2015, Herohomes SG or simply Herohomes is a real estate company based in Singapore that offers consulting services from HDB, private property ownership, investment-grade real estate, housing, and retirement. 

We also help our clients find the best properties to move out with their families. The properties we recommend are only those that fit their personalities, and most importantly, guarantee a financially free retirement life. 

Our team of certified consultants assures that our clients can expect growth in their property investments within the next few years. At the same time, they’re living the best chapters of their lives with the people they love and care about. Learn more about Herohomes here.

All Herohomes consultants work full-time as certified real estate professionals. You can find detailed information about our team in our field of specialisations. Just click here to view the Herohomes Team page.

Though we’re a small team, Herohomes is recognised by Singapore’s leading companies. The fact is, we are all certified associates registered with PropNex Realty Pte Ltd.

We highly recommend you watch our Herohomes interview with Ismael Gafoor, CEO, as he details the nature of our partnership in the real estate industry. 

Our clients come from all walks of life. Regardless of their background, we are open to working with eligible private property owners in Singapore. Thus, we don’t accept those who consider owning commercial or industrial properties.

We assist them by providing a unique and holistic approach to property as a potential retirement investment. From Day 1 during the consultation up until when they successfully sold their upgraded properties, we make sure we’re present and nothing goes wrong as planned.   

Herohomes SG offers two options for you to reach our team. First, use our contact form below this page to write us an email or directly at admin@herohomes.sg. Give us at least 24 hours before we could get back to you. 

Second, you can also second give us a WhatsApp call at +65 9270 9040 if in case you want an immediate response to your concern or issues about your property. Please call during weekdays and within our working hours only.

You can find our office in Hexacube, #03-02, 160 Changi Road, S419728.

Yes, you need to schedule an appointment with us.

Yes, our consultation services are free.

Our Herohomes team offers advice to property owners whose members specialise in HDB, private properties, investment-grade real estate, housing, and retirement in Singapore.  

Not only do we provide our clients with property advice, but we can also assist them with property investment and management. That is if they opt to have us as their property managers from Day 1 up until their upgraded properties are sold to new home buyers. 

In addition to managing the entire process of finding the residential locations for their new homes, we also offer a bespoke property plan. It provides a 20- up to 25-year detailed planning process that guarantees their financial freedom and recurring passive retirement income. 

Once we have created a complete plan that’s specifically tailored for your needs and financial situation, we can help you implement each step. 

If you choose to hire our Herohomes team as your property managers, we can assist you from sales registration, obtaining to filing the legal paperwork required. We also coordinate with a handful of lawyers, accountants, and other professionals needed to ensure a smooth and cost-effective implementation process. 

As a seller, you will save a lot of time, effort, and trouble from selling your property if you choose to work with us. All you need to do is wait until we successfully sell it to new buyers. Thus, you earn without compromising your daily priorities and quality time with your family. 

You can schedule a free consultation online by taking a 2-min survey to collect the information required for your property-related concerns. Take your survey here.

After you confirm the info you provided on the survey, give us at least 24 hours to review them before we could proceed to the consultation. 

Yes, you need to submit your personal information, such as your first and last name, email address, the phone number to use for WhatsApp communication, as well as your overall financial condition based on the following: 

  • monthly salary
  • CPF Ordinary Account Balance
  • CPF funds used to finance your property including the Accrued Interest

All of this information will be required from you upon taking our 2-min survey. To find out your CPF Ordinary Account Balance and the funds for your property with the Accrued Interest, please login at https://www.cpf.gov.sg/members/ 

After you’ve provided the required information from your survey, we will be reviewing it for evaluation. If we both decide to work together, we will prepare a diagnostic process to understand all areas of your plan.

We will discuss what you have based on your monthly income and CPF savings, as well as your preferred location to reside, your property preferences, and a list of what you don’t like for your new home. 

During the entire process, we’ll be doing a series of follow-ups to verify every detail and seek your feedback. This is to make sure that everything we finalize on your plan is according to what you want and need.

The cost of our services will depend on your property needs, type, as well as other additional fees for managing your property from the planning to selling processes. However, generally, we charge between 2% to 2.2% for selling HDB properties and private properties and 2.5% for landed properties of their total selling price. 

If you have questions about our service fees and other potential costs, don’t hesitate to reach us via email or WhatsApp call. We’ll be happy to assist you.

The good news is we don’t ask for upfront fees. You only pay when we complete the transaction.

Herohomes is ranked as one of the top 1% of licensed professionals in Singapore. Since 2015, we have spent years creating a network of trusted lawyers, developers, and other professionals that speeds up the entire work to get the job done faster. 

Our team comprises licensed Singapore Accredited Mortgage Practitioners, certified associates registered with PropNex Realty Pte, and partners with the country’s leading financial and insurance services like AIG Singapore. 

Thus, working with us will save you from a lot of headaches involved in upgrading your HDB, to selling your properties. If you are interested, please see our contact information below this page, and don’t hesitate to contact our team to assist you immediately. 

You can read our success stories from our previous clients on our Testimonials Page and on Google reviews. 

Visit our office to find our latest available positions open for new applicants. You may also give us a call or shoot us an email to know more about the requirements we need to fill in for our team. 

Yes, we are definitely up for any collaborative projects and initiatives from content creators and companies in Singapore. Please let us know by shooting us an email with a brief description of what the initiative is about, its objectives, and how we could contribute to making this project a great success. 

You can find our latest real estate news and updates about your income opportunities through owning and selling properties in Singapore if you visit our Blog Page right here. 

For more detailed information on real estate and property investment in Singapore and the services that apply, please see our Services Page.