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When it comes to being the safest Core Central Region (CCR) resale property in the heart of Singapore, nothing packs a punch quite like a three-bedroom unit in D’Leedon . Having luxury, convenience and secure market value all up its sleeve in under 2.4 million, it proves itself worthy of serious consideration.

D’Leedon is a 13-year-old leasehold property greeting the prime neighborhood of District 10 along Bukit Timah Timah. Sitting on a staggering 830,000 square feet of land, it houses 36-storey towers and 12 villas within 30% of its land area, with the remaining 70% plotted with expansive landscaping and a wide array of facilities from varying pools, courts, shops, restaurants and salons.

This development is on itself, a self-sufficient mini-town brought further into life by its surrounding landmarks, recreation spots and huge shopping establishments. Accessibility is a no-brainer, being only 5 and 8 minute-walk away from the nearest MRTs even featuring a sheltered walkway going through the stations.

But beyond all these, what makes D’Leedon stand out? Applying the QPA method, let’s evaluate the value of D’Leedon as a safe CCR resale property.

Looking at quality: D’Leedon features unmatched facilities and expansive land size with one major or minor setback depending on your preference.

  1. Landsize, Facilities and Façade: Having the largest land size in all of Singapore, the property has everything in store for residents. Complete with various pools, 2 clubhouses, large gyms, walkways, courts, spas and 7 of its own shops. You really can have it all within its expanse.

  2. Layout: Designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid, D’Leedon features unconventional dimensions and space allocation that might steer away buyers looking for a clean, straightforward layout. But what it might lack in design, it makes up for the amazing balcony large enough to let you bask in the outdoors’ full glory.

  1. Location, MRT and Amenities: A stone-throw away from Farrer MRT and Empress Market, a 7 minute-walk to Botanic Garden and a short drive to some prime locations like Orchard, Holland Village, and the CBD. D’Leedon is as best as you can possibly get in terms of location.

  1. Views: Towering on a mostly low-rise neighborhood, D’Leedon ensures unobstructed view of Bukit Timah Timah regardless of your unit’s area.

Now for Exit Strategy: Let’s explore four external considerations that affects its current and future market value.

  1. Supply and Demand: Despite the demand constantly being high within the neighborhood, supply is fairly low which is always a great thing. Out of all the 8 developments along Farrer road, nothing quite compares to D’Leedon in just sheer size, so things are looking great for this property in supply and demand aspect.

  2. Transformation: Being situated in D10, there’s really nothing more to look forward in transformation as the community is already as transformed as it could get.

  3. Schools: Its proximity to top schools is amongst the top reasons buyers or renters look into D10’s area. Being only 1 kilometer away Nanyang Primary School, one of the most sought-after schools within Bukit Timah Timah, D’Leedon is secured with a constant demand from families or students looking to rent or buy properties for this purpose.

  1. Target Audience: Some of the audience D’Leedon might appeal to include HDB Upgraders, families with kids in the neighborhood or parents looking for the best schools for their children. Regardless, its prime spot ensures the property never fall short of suitors.

Looking at the most important factor, Price: Before going into the full price analysis, let me note that D’Leedon is just one of the few leasehold properties within the area so price comparison might not be spot on. Still, it’s a good way to help us gauge the average price of properties in vicinity.

Looking at the recent transactions from D’Leedon, average per square foot is at $1800-1900 or about $2.3-2.7 million. In comparison to newer launches, soon to be completed freehold property, Leedon Green, is currently transacting at around $3000-3200 per square foot or $4.2-4.5 million. That’s a gap of 70% or quantum difference of $2 million.

If pitted against less-premium-located properties such as Hyll on Hollands transacting at $2500-3000, you’re left with about 56% difference per square foot or $600-700 thousand total.

Compared to new launch properties, D’Leedon stand strong in terms of price even at around a per square foot price of $1900 or $2.5 million.

Further comparisons to older launches will reveal a greater price difference from D’Leedon and surrounding competitors. Upmarket condominium Leedon Residence easily hit $5.5 million, while newer Waterfall Gardens falls at around $4.5 million, meanwhile, 3 year-old Sommerville Park averages $4 million and lastly, 31 year old property Spanish Village transacts at around $3.2 million.

Overall, entry level properties along Farrer Road for larger and older developments averages at around $3.5-4 million. These figures emphasize the value D’Leedon property holds at around $2.5 million, especially given the premium lifestyle it offers.


With its vast expanse, consistent demand and prime location tagged at the lowest price for an entry level property along Farrer Road, there’s really not much of a downside risk to be spotted in D’Leedon aside from the possibly bothering irregular layout and the fact that you’re dealing with a leasehold property.

But regardless if you decide to enjoy its lavish lifestyle or keep it on the market as a property rental, acquiring a three-bedroom unit at D’Leedon for $2.5 million secures you with around 8,000 monthly rental or 3.9% yield and high turnover rate for 3 or 4-bedroom units.

With an unpredictable and ever-changing market, settling for assets with little downside risks has become more crucial than ever. Offering security with a multitude of features, D’Leedon is notable CCR property you should consider in your list of potential assets.

Thinking if this might be the best property for you? Contact us and get personalized expert guidance in your quest of choosing the best property for your needs.

Written by: 

Regina, Clinton & Heikal (2023)

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