J’den Review: The Best OCR Property in 2024? | QPA Analysis

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No doubt, J’den was one of the most successful property launches in Singapore by the end of 2023. Just in the first day of its launch, it impressively sold off 88% or 323 of its units making it the second best-selling property of the year following The Reserve Residences. 

But amidst all the buzz, is J’den really a standout? With unbiased and objective analysis using the QPA framework, we’ll put this well-regarded property to the test.

Starting with Quality:

  1. Landsize, Facilities, and Façade: J’den, replacing the former JCUBE edutainment mall, occupies 83,000 square feet of land and stands 40 stories high. It’s one of the tallest buildings in its west area, featuring a modern architectural design commonly seen in prime districts. The pool concept brings out that “Wild Wild Wet” look, striking an excitable balance of greeneries framing strips of blue waters. Being a mixed-development, it features 2 storeys of commercial spaces along with full condo facilities to cater to residents’ lifestyle and recreational needs.
  2. Layout: J’den outshines the competition with the best-laid floor plans of the year. Rooms are spacious, the design is well-thought-out, and spaces are properly allocated – all to be expected from CapitaLand Development. Notably, the 4-bedrooms are efficiently planned, each coming with private lifts, landscape living and dining rooms, sizable kitchens with an island, close to 10 square meters for all 3 bedrooms, and an impressively sized master bedroom.
  3. Location, MRT, and Amenities: It’s a no brainer, convenience is J’den’s highlight. Left and right, the development is dotted with MRTs, shopping malls, lifestyle centers- all you can think of to ensure an abundance of fun and accessibility.
  4. Views: Lower floor units offer a nice view of the well-designed pool area, while higher floor units boast an unobstructed panoramic view of the west, made possible by the property’s height.

All in all, J’den passes the quality test with flying colors. What it lacked in landsize, it made up for with excellently designed spaces, paired up with an accessible and lively location.

Next up, Exit Strategy:

  1. Supply and Demand: Strategically located in Jurong East, J’den is one of the only two developments within 1 kilometer of Jurong East Interchange alongside its sole competitor Jurong Gateway. This is another low supply, high demand area since most lands in the vicinity are owned by REITS and GTC without much residential space competition.
  2. Transformation: An extensive development is underway, aiming to transform the whole Jurong Lake District into the 2nd Central Business District (CBD).
  3. Schools: The lack of schools within J’den’s vicinity is not an issue, given that this space is not sought for schooling purposes.
  4. Target Audience: J’den appeals to HDB upgraders, Westies, and buyers who prioritize the property’s convenience.

Once again, J’den aces exit strategy.

Finally, Price, to adequately assess J’den’s pricing value, let’s put it side by side with similar competitors.

First, against Jgateway. Looking at per square foot prices, Jgateway is transacting at $1900-2000 per square foot, against J’den playing within $2450 average, the price gap stands at a mere 10-20%. This, in perspective, is not a substantial amount for jumping to a new launch. Further comparison against Lake Garden Residences inches the gap closer with the property transacting at around $2100-2200 per square foot.

Being reasonably priced in a per square foot angle, it’s pretty easy to assume that J’den is a complete package. Emphasis on “assume” because underneath its one greatest strength also hides an ironically big weakness. 

CapitaLand Development’s space generosity is a double-edged sword. While offering ample living space in each unit, this also means a higher quantum price.

Take J’den’s 2-bedroom entry-level unit for example. Sized at 710 square feet, with a $2,450 per square foot price, the total balloons to $1.74 million. For a 2-bedroom with 1 bath in OCR, that’s pretty steep, considering that almost all other similar units in the region sell for under $1.4 million even with a nearby MRT.

Even more, higher floor units escalate to $1.8 million, which means at the time of selling, you need to price your unit at $3000 per square foot or about $2.1 million to generate a profit. A long shot from Jgateway’s $1.3 million 2-bedroom with 2 baths units, despite a lacking layout. 

Now for the almost perfect 4-bedroom sized at 1,485 square feet, prices start and end higher. Ranging from $3.42 million for lower floor units, to $3.92 million for higher floor units or a $3.4 million average.

If you think buying now is already expensive, can you imagine selling in the future at $3000 per square foot to profit at around 4.3 million? While the possibility is not zero, settling for a safe property is the wisest move, especially today, when the market is at an all-time high.

$3.42 million can get you a lot of good 4-bedrooms, let alone $3.9-4.3 million. Nonetheless, if you’re greatly enticed and set to buy J’den’s 4-bedroom units for your personal use, then the low floors are quite a steal.


All in all, J’den is the epitome of “you get what you pay for.” It’s excellently designed, strategically located, and at some point, reasonably priced in square foot measure. But the steep total prices might steer buyers quite a bit, especially those with eyes on investment.

Is J’den the property for you? Or are you on the lookout for lower-priced units that pack the same value? Stay tuned to this blog for other property analysis articles, or message us for direct and expert advice. We’re here to ensure you take informed, strategic steps on your quest to find the right home.

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